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The flesh is weak. Only an iron body can contain an iron will. Through the artificial shall we break the chains of mortality.

Automata is a mod for the Sigil System that deals with everything artificial, from playing as a completely automaton character, to having cybernetic implants, to upgrading your body (meat or metal) to be the best that technology can make it. 

Nothing, however, is for free and and to become an immortal soul in an unchanging body in Automata there is a lot you'll have to give up. Sure, you won't need to eat, drink, or sleep; but now your body also won't naturally repair anymore, and magical healing is out of the question. And muscle memory and strength training? Forget about it. You'll need to now find an artificer to make yourself better. An unchanging body means exactly that. But you don't need to go feet first into that artificial life. You can treat your body like the ship of Theseus: slowly but surely replacing bit by bit, getting comfortable with each augmentation and then going onto the next one. This mod can handle anything from 0% to 100% artificiality.

Since Automata is a mod (or addon) for the Sigil System, you will need the Sigil System in order to use it. It is also setting-neutral so you can use it for any setting or genre that you can think of.

Inside the mod:

  • Rules for playing as an artificial character, be it a fantasy golem, steampunk automaton or a sci-fi robot
  • In depth look at how giving up a meat body for a metal one will affect your character
  • Character creation section for starting your campaign off as an automata
  • Rules for creating and implanting augments and modifications to your artificial chassis
  • A crafting section for making your augments and automatons in the game


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