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The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.

Brotherhoood is a mod for the Sigil System that gives your characters some friends, family and a home to call their own. Brotherhood is all about factions: creating them, playing with them, being part of them or working against them.

Brotherhood is about your characters a faction to be part of, to work towards something greater than just themselves and their party. In return, your characters will gain powerful bonuses by being able to rely on the might and wealth of their faction. You can call on your fellow brothers-in-arms to come help you, dip into your faction's piggy bank to help pay for that extra little something, fall back to your faction's safehouse to escape danger, and use your faction's network of members and contacts to help guide your travels. All is not moonshine and roses, however, as you'll have to manage your faction's notoriety out in the world and the treachery that is always brewing beneath the surface inside it.

Brotherhood is a mod (or addon) for the Sigil System, and so you will need the Sigil System in order to use it. However, if you want to simply create a faction for use in other systems, the faction generator will fit any game. Brotherhood is also setting-neutral so you can use it for any setting or genre that you can think of.

Inside the mod:

  • A full generator for building your faction's history alongside its skills and attributes
  • Rules for creating a base for your faction and how to upgrade and expand it during play
  • A system for recruiting prospects that subtly change your faction the more members you get
  • A mission system for sending your faction out on assignments
  • Random events that can destabilize your faction if not managed
  • Sample factions to start your campaign with


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