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The world that we see, air we breathe, the food we taste, and even those around us are nothing more than projections and reflections of the true face of reality. And this reality is as beautiful and intricate as it is cold and logical. The true nature of existence is the music of creation, and cosmos is simply the voice of the language of the gods.

Through alchemical fuelled visions, I have learnt the mysteries of the cosmos and travelled to worlds and realms far removed from one another. In each of these, I found the mystical runic language of creation and destruction, leading me to believe it is the bedrock of existence itself. I have taken it upon myself to document as much knowledge from these far-flung realms and collate them here in this enchiridion. It is the sum total of my experiences, or at least what the alchemical tinctures have deigned to let me remember. The work will always stand incomplete, but there is far too much to gather in one lifetime.

This handbook will thus serve as a primer, to guide novitiates into understanding the nature of the runic language and how to shape the runes together into arrays to draw out their supranatural energies to create anything the designer wishes. With this runic language, anything truly is possible for those with a keen eye and an imaginative mind. Across the many realms, they say that knowledge is power, and with this enchiridion that becomes literally true.

Inside the Enchiridion, you will find:

  • Rules to guide you in creating your own runic arrays and custom spells
  • Descriptions and notations of all the known runes in existence, and what they can do
  • Rules for reading and speaking aloud the runes, and how to craft incantations
  • Examinations and discussions of the consequences of using the runes, and how to best use them
  • One hundred unique runic arrays and incantations from across the realms of the cosmos, with descriptions on how they work
  • An easy index to find any runic array in the Enchiridion


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