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Death is merely an obstacle to overcome, and life the tool used to do it. Come all ye would-be immortals and conquer mortality with blood and bone!

Scarlet Bones is a mod for the Sigil System that deals with drinking blood, raising corpses, stealing bodies and becoming immortal. Whether you prefer to stay alive for eternity (albeit jumping from host to host) or enjoy the benefits of being undead, you'll find your path to immortality in this mod.

Nothing, however, is for free and to become an immortal you will need to give up your humanity. Without that pesky soul, however, you will gain powers beyond your imagination. As a blood mage you will be telekintically shape blood into whatever form you need it in, from weapons to armour to tools and everything in between. Blood mages are also able to leave their bodies behind and take over others, so if you don't quite like your current body, you can take it off like a suit and get a fresh one. A blood mage can be anyone, anywhere, whenever they want to be. They are the perfect infiltrators. A necromancer, however, is stuck with his own decaying body, but his necromancy more than makes up for. The power to raise the dead means that a necromancer will never enter a fight alone, and it doesn't matter if the undead army all get killed because the necromancer can simply raise some more! On top of this, each type of undead comes with its own special ability, from detecting corpses, intercepting blows to enchanting opponents, meaning a necromancer is a walking adventuring party. 

Since Scarlet Bones is a mod (or addon) for the Sigil System, you will need the Sigil System in order to use it. It is also setting-neutral so you can use it for any setting or genre that you can think of.

Inside the mod:

  • Two different varieties for both the blood mages and the necromancers
  • Detailed explanations for how to about giving up your humanity and transforming into a blood mage/necromancer
  • Rules for how to use the powers and abilities that come with the soulless immortality
  • Character creation sections for starting a new character as a blood mage or necromancer


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