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You are a hunter of memories and a stalker of secrets. You invade the dreams of others in other find information, change psyches, or insert ideas. You do this for fame, fortune, or just the sheer pleasure of it. Whatever the cause may be for your nightly endeavours, you are damn good at it by now. 

But it isn't always as easy as it sounds. The dreamscape can be a volatile and dangerous place, filled with nightmarish metaphors and psychological traumas that destroy your mind, or drag it deep into another person's subconscious... where it may become lost forever. Sure, you have your skills and your wits, but you know that every entry into a dreamscape may be your last.


Somnian Stalkers is a 3d6 RPG that is built to be intuitive to understand, and even easier to play. You have 4 main attributes (the 4 classical humours or temperaments) and 4 actions that can be performed in a dreamscape. Between these, you have 16 different things to do while tramping around another person's dreams, but the key to Somnian Stalkers is your imagination. 

It's a game of dreams after all and between you, the other players, and your GM, you can get as crazy and wild with the dreamscape as you like. Ships made of bubblegum floating through clouds of pandas, or a nightmarish hallways of bones dripping mucus and blood. Everything is possible in the, quite literal, land of imagination.


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