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It was twenty two years ago when the terrorist organization Zodiac, led by their enigmatic leader Father, initiated the second cataclysm.

The world was covered in a black miasma, corrupting the environment and turning the world into a decayed husk where the only creatures left to freely walk the earth are the Ferals, undying shape-shifters who hunger for flesh and destruction.

You are a Hunter, armed with a Terminal, a device that protects you from the corrupting powers of the black smoke, while also granting you the power to fight back against the Ferals that populate the wastes. 

Your job is simple: destroy any Ferals that you encounter and uncover the location of the smokestack to destroy the sinister smog and restore world to what it once was.

Will you be able to overcome the odds and succeed in ending the cataclysm, or will you simply become the latest casualty in the war against the Zodiac?

Hunter Corps is a cooperative Tabletop RPG where you play as a group of Hunters going into the barren wastes to take on deadly creatures known as "Ferals."

A simple ttRPG for all ages, using just a d12 to resolve rolls.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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